How I look forward to visit Country Paradise Resort coming October!!! When I was there in 2001, there where a wild nature, where we were picking peanuts in the ground. Very nice place with a fantastic view to the Himalaya peaks and to every directions - East, wst, north and south!!! In 2009, last time I visited this fabulous place,there were still a wildness. Now I know houses are built on Country Paradise Resort - a hotell formed with many small houses, including a house with a bathroom!!! The last one where the walls are tired with tiles!!! How i look forward to see all this with my eyes, not only in pictures!!! Thanks to Bharat and his staff we may visit this place, together with all other fabulous tours and trips, when we hire Alpine Explore Nepal/Explore Alpine Adventure as our guides for visiting Nepal!!!

Ingrid Gunnes - Norway
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